Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A good big sister

As I type this I am eating a very early lunch, Trader Joes pork pot stickers and listening to some music. In the background G2 is beginning to fuss for his next bottle. What I hear if I listen closely is G1 working hard to comfort him. She is running back and forth from her play room and putting toys as close to his hands and face as he will allow. She is on her hands and knees whispering in his ear. What she's saying, I don't know but it's working. It's allowing me to relax for a couple more minutes in the pajama pants I've been wearing for three days now and type this up.

She's become a nurturing big sister. She is pretty much always the first to offer him up comfort. Tell me he's upset, point out spit up...or spit out as she calls it.

The screaming persists and she's now pulling me away to take care of him. I wonder if she's worried about him or just wants him to shut up so she can hear Mike the Knight?!

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