Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Change My Diaper, Biaatttccchhhhh!

Both G1 and G2 are demanding. Hold me, burp me, feed me, wipe my ass, change my diaper. It's a little bit crazy :) Nah, really they aren't too too bad. We have been concerned for awhile now about G2's incessant scream/cry. If you don't know what a scream/cry is clearly you have never been alone with an infant that cannot be satisfied.

G2's scream/cry is heartbreaking and even more so because there isn't ever much that I can do for him and I am the stay at home parent without the feeding boobs. He bobs and weaves so much that you'd think I was going to give him a mouthful but alas I got nada. It's quite a hoot to see. Screw tickets to the circus I'm selling tickets to this X rated boob show; $15 for a view from our picture window, $25 for a seat inside, and $35 for your own nice steamy cup of boob nada.

It's all kinds of crazy up in this motha'

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