Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My mommy's a b-attorney so mama what are you?

The barrage of questions coming from the backseat always seem to end with this one. How do you spell pocoyo? How do robots work? My mommy's a b-attorney so mama what are you? I cringe, as usual. This question has come up over and over again for G1 over the past year or so. She wonders where Mommy goes everyday. She asks to go to mommy's office, call her at work, ride in her work car. She knows what Mommy's job is but yet she wonders why I don't go anywhere. When I try to explain that my job is to stay with her and G2 and take her school and run errands she always says but what are you? I respond I'm a stay at home mom and she just laughs and says noooooo. I'm not sure what she thinks or how much she'd understand so I go on explaining that I went to school for a long time and I'm a librarian, an archivist, a researcher, someone who loves books but she just laughs again and says nooooooooo.

Being a stay at home mom isn't valued in our society. When people ask what I went to school for and I tell them I have a masters degree they just laugh and say boy I bet it pisses you off to write those loan checks or man oh man must feel funny to just be lounging around in short and a t-shirt in the middle of the day. No one seems to get how hurtful that can be or how this stay at home mom 'job' was never the plan.

Oh well as a stay at home mom my work is never done...off to change the laundry, rock a baby to sleep, do the dishes, contemplate dinner, let the dog out, make some lunch and pick up my kid at school in an hour. Invaluable.

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  1. Amen sister!!! Yesterday M told me that she wanted to be a boy and I asked her why and she said,"Boys go to work and girls stay home!"