Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rock N' Roll Band

Toddler G has taken to singing along to television shows she knows like Bubble Guppies and Team Umizoomi. She's also taken to singing in the car...her current favorite..Hot Chelle Rae's Tonight, Tonight. She especially loves the La, La, La part :)

Before school ended she was also really into rock n' roll bands and rock n' roll songs and rock n' roll hair. She chose a green polka dotted frog with a blue mohawk at Build a Bear because of his rock n' roll hair. How she got it in her head that a mohawk meant rock n' roll I do not know but I love it...because it is totally bright blue and spiky and she's right, it is totally rock n' roll!

I love that she will give the kids in her class an instrument and say let's be a rock n' roll band or let's play rock n' roll. She always gives me her pink guitar and mommy her pink drum and asks that we be a rock n' roll band with her. SO CUTE!

While visiting Cleveland my mom found a small-ish drum set. A bass drum with a cymbal attached and a little snare drum off the side for only 10 bucks. Beat up, with no drumsticks, and put together with doo-dads and whatchamacallits but she still loved it. We play it nearly everyday and she truly does rock out on it. I'm super surprised that she doesn't just bang it as hard as she can but she likes to hit the drums in a certain pattern and then hit the cymbal lift her stick in the air and say YEAH in a sort of rock whisper!

Rock n' Roll band is my favorite thing to do with her right now...and I hope to the goddesses that her obsession with it doesn't pass too quickly.

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