Thursday, July 8, 2010

Advocate-originally posted Feb. 2010

I am learning to be an advocate for my child. I’m not a very good advocate for myself so this my friends isn’t easy for me. We’ve decided against the Sedated ABR for now based on our own feelings and speaking with G’s speech therapist. It seems like too much for her little body to take and too much for the both of us to take emotionally. So much has happened so quickly and for that I am thankful but I am also feeling overwhelmed. I told A last night that if I had to tell someone or write it all down that I’d have no idea who said what, what was next, or who might be calling to make an appointment with us. That, in my opinion, is too much.

So for now we’ve decided to having another hearing evaluation done. The difference this time is that we are having it done at Children’s where they are able to deal with wee ones, they have ‘tricks up their sleeves’ according to the woman I spoke with yesterday. After that if she isn’t saying a few words, maybe even a couple by the time she’s two we will revisit the ABR thing, but for now I am at ease. I’ve been running around, toting her in and out of the snow, driving down slushy highways with my toddler sobbing in the backseat and I am tired. I need a break. I need Starbucks. I need El Vaquero cheese dip and a frozen margarita. I need more tissues because we’ve used them up. I need to take a deep breath because someone is coming to the house today to evaluate her…I need to clean.

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