Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Wanna Be Sedated-originally posted Feb. 2010

Today we took G for her audiological evaluation. Overall it didn’t go great. Not because she can’t hear but because she is much too young for these types of tests. She doesn’t want to sit still in a room with 3 or 4 adults. She doesn’t want to be held down on my lap while they shove little blue capped ear buds into her ears and she certainly doesn’t want to sit still and glance in the direction of chirps and whistles she might or might not be able to hear.

All in all we were told that there are concerns that need to be dealt with. We were told that she needs to have a SEDATED AUDITORY BRAIN STEM RESPONSE test. The words sedated and brain stem in the same sentence sent both A and I over the edge. We were already feeling overwhelmed and underwhelmed by the lack of information coming our way. We truly do not know what to do from here. The word autism was bandied about. We, and I’m certain G is feeling lost.

As we were driving home silently in the snow I asked A what she thought and she listed off question after question after question that she had. When I asked why she didn’t ask any of them she answered because she was in shock. And I realized that I was and am (5 hours later) feeling the same way.

We’ve made an appt. with our regular pediatrician who we really like and trust. She is a friendly and familiar face in what is becoming, and I predict will be a more often than not thing, days of words that none of us understand…maybe what G’s hearing a mumble jumble of consonants and vowels that we just don’t get.

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