Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm not that great -originally posted Feb. 2010

Really I’m not.

It’s so funny to me how much G wants…NEEDS to be with me. She always wants to have her little sticky, cheese covered fingers wrapped in my hair. She sobs when I leave room, when she thinks I might be going somewhere for more than 5 seconds and she won’t be able to touch me. If she were just a few years older I’d direct her to some of my ex boy and/or girlfriends and ask them to expand on how not great I am ;)

She’s doing two super cute new things that I love. She had gotten into the habit of climbing up behind me in a chair or on the couch and smelling my hair. Now I don’t like to brag but I have been told that my hair smells fantastic but geesh kid, give me a break! The other cute thing she’s doing is while she’s up there behind me she likes to wrap her arms around me and lay her head on my back, it’s so cuddly (and I am not a cuddler) and warm that I love it.

How’d she get to be so effing sweet?

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