Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Time Flies

A month has gone by and no update from me, no fashion faux pas from my toddler, no bitching about this crazy heat...WHAT THE HELL????!!!! The reality is that I'm just lazing around in this oppressive heat, letting toddler G whatever she wants (usually nothing, and generally enjoying this laid back summer going around here.

We are begging to get super anxious about baby G's arrival in November. Making plans, cleaning things out, selling all things pink so we will be having our first son. Yep I said it a son, peeing standing up, closing their bedroom door in their teens for who knows what, as well as shaving facial hair. I'm sure a lot of moms out there, I know a couple, could teach their sons to shave their facial hair but we are both at a loss on this one. Who shall we recruit, maybe it'll be you.

That's about it. Today we have a lovely laid back day on our hands, which is why at 11am I am sitting around in my bra and shorts and bullshitting with you.

Have a good one, stay cool!

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