Thursday, July 8, 2010

What I Don't Get-originally posted Jan. 2010

I don't get my kid. I feed her, I rock her to sleep, I allow her to watch her favorite television show (we have every episiode DVR'd), I allow her to pull my hair, to walk with me around the grocery store instead of ride in the buggy, to touch and smell the produce and yet she throws a fit when we are at home because she wants me to hold her ALL OF THE TIME! Yes, it's sweet, you're right, but sometimes a Mama wants to do something for herself, like eat lunch WHILE IT'S HOT or remember to pluck the chin hair she found 8 days ago!!! But my child seems to think that each room in this house that is filled with toys is just filled with toys for her to look at because GOD FORBID she actually touch one!

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