Thursday, July 8, 2010

So my kid doesn't talk, so what!!! -originally posted Jan. 2010

So yesterday I took G to the doctor for a couple of concerns that we had but before we left we were addressing another concern all together because apparently my initial concerns are our first forays into the terrible twos…YIPPEE!

Anyways, so the nurse practitioner that I ended up seeing, who I actually have refused to see in the past because he’s an ass, was the only person available. He ended up telling me that he needed to refer us out for a developmental delay speech evaluation. WTF? My kid is only 20 months old! 20 months old! 20 months old! I get that there are genuine genius kids out there who speak at like 10 months but there are other kids who are perfectly fine who don’t speak until the age of 2+. Needless to say I am annoyed. I will take her to this evaluation because I’d hate to fail her if she really has a problem but I suspect that she doesn’t. I also suspect the 2 hour test that they expect my toddler to sit through isn’t going to go well…again she’s 20 mother fucking months old!

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