Friday, May 20, 2011

Changes in the Season and Changes Around Here

It's been a super soggy week for us here in Cbus. We've been stuck in the house most days but on the other days when we just had to get out our rainboots and gungellas (to the layperson that's Umbrella in G speak) got a pretty major working out. We wore our boots to both speech therapy and Target getting compliments from each passer by that we encountered.

We've celebrated a 3rd bday here as well. We asked our family and friends to donate 20 bucks towards a swingset for G instead of gifts that we know will just get shoved in and out of the playroom and under the couch and they came through. We are in a good position now to order that swingset for her. We just need to decide on one, I keep comparing two and am really torn. We have a very narrow backyard so that really limits our options but I want to get the most for our new 3 year old monkey girl.

We are also waiting on news of our newest wee one's gender. We are desperate to make some final name choices...if it's a boy we have that one narrowed down to our final pick but if it's a girl I have a feeling it will be a blow out fight between Mommy A and I. We shall see. Fingers crossed for a cutie patootie who will fit nicely into our family and arms.

We are making some arrangemets for the new wee ones arrival as we are nearly halfway there. Cleaning out closets and making lists of things that we need to purchase before hand. Luckily we've been through this once so we are in pretty good shape with stuff but we def. need a few things that we didn't have the first go round. Fingers crossed we can get it all in order and purchased before he or she arrives.

I guess that's it for now...I'll be hopping back into my 'what she wore' for G. I got so behind that it overwhelmed me. Sorry about the million diff. fonts in this post I didn't have time to go back and fix it :)

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