Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And it begins

Happy New Year everyone! Hope days 1-4 have been great for you!

A few resolutions to share:

*I am not going to go into this New Year making assumptions that if a work based project comes to me and it's all technology, technology, technology that I cannot do it because I'm not a techie. I have street sense, common sense, and a masters degree...I can figure it out. I"m no dummy, dummie...LOL

*I'm no longer going to gossip or put other people down while talking to friends in front of Georgia...I'm not going to assume that because she doesn't talk much that she doesn't understand and I don't want her to think that that's who her mom is, a gossiper and someone who puts others down

*I'm no longer going to assume that I can put anything food wise into my body. I'm 35 and facts are facts and that sugar cookie and little Debbie cake is going to sit there for the next 50 years if I've got that long. I am not going to say that I am going to try to lose weight but I am going to resolve to consider what I'm putting in

*I am going to get a handle on readers...probably Googles...not sure at the moment but it will happen and it will happen soon

*Make a salsa garden with G. Salsa, guacamole, and chips are her favorites...wouldn't it be lovely to have it available to her anytime she's like.

*And finally, because I feel like 6 is a good number, I will continue to write Georgia's letters but on an at least monthly basis. Meaning I will also keep up with handwriting them into her journal as well.

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