Friday, December 3, 2010

List making

Busy (or some combination of busy-ness) is the word that I find myself using every time someone says how's it going or what's new or how are you?

We are preparing for a big trip here and it's taking up quite a bit of time. Packing lists have been started as well as what to put vacation holds on (library reserves, paperbackswap, the mail, etc). The dog is booked for the doggie hotel and I have tentative plans for the fish (if he's with us that long, he's looking ill)...the cat on the other hand, can he survive for 12 days alone with two bowls of food and water? I'm thinking that's a no. So I'll have to sweet talk someone into coming in and feeding him, loving on him, etc...

Otherwise we have some private stuff that we are handling and I'm certain it'll all come to fruition once the holidays die down and we have time to consider and reconsider our options. Needless to say I'm staying quiet about it for now but let's just says changes are abrewin'. Little G is quite a handful. She's busy and hyper and cuddly and talking (and signing) up a storm. It's quite a life this one but I'm loving it.

We have teacher and therapist gifts to make, 11 in all. We have Christmas cards to write, we usually send out about 75. We have doctor's appointments to fit in before we head out of town as well as trying to get little G in to see an eye doctor, I think she needs glasses. We have the post office line to stand in. We have a new camera to figure out before we get to Disney. I guess I should be making another to do list instead of chatting it up on here.

Hope everyone is toasty warm.

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