Friday, November 12, 2010

A whisper

I haven't been in this space for quite some time and I've got not excuse but to say that life has gotten in the way. Changes are afoot again in the W-T household; I've started a part time job, G has learned to count forwards from 1-10 and backwards from 5-1 thanks to Team Umizoomi. Amelia is busy as ever at work and we are both busy as ever at home until bedtime.

Bruises abound on our over active toddler. Bumps and falls seem to cause some sort of mark on her very fair skin every day. I feel like I am always explaining them away to teachers, therapists, and friends. It's a tight rope we walk as parents isn't it? I feel negligent even when I'm constantly within arms reach of G. I try to tell myself she's a clumsy toddler but it doesn't help, oh well, fingers crossed they all fade from navy to tan to green to yellow and then disappear.

Man I love that little danger monkey.

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