Friday, August 6, 2010

Time Flies

We are preparing for G to begin two preschools in the fall, nearly five weeks away but quickly approaching none the less. I can't believe it, she is no longer a baby, she's a full fledged little girl.

I'm waiting and anticipating the friends she'll make and the friends I'll make. I have images in my head of cute little girls with matching dresses and hair clips holding hands and skipping along. I have images of sleep overs and popcorn everywhere. It's going quickly but I can't wait to see who she'll become over the next few months. She'll certainly gain independence. She may be scared, I was quite frightened my first day of Kindergarten, so I'm assuming this'll be the same although not Kindergarten. I'm expecting adventures and scraped knees. I'm expecting hand holding and tears from more than one little person. I'm expecting her to fall in love with her teachers. I'm expecting her to be comforted once she really learns that we'll come back for her. On my part, I'm expecting anticipation for her school days to end but eagerness to get back to having some time for myself.

In our future I see; rain boots and umbrellas, packed snacks and lunches, group snacks to purchase and prepare, smiles and tears, lots of money being spent on gas, meetings and discussions, graduations and boxes of scribble covered artwork, and so much more...we can't wait.

It's time to do a little school shopping. Let the countdown begin...

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