Thursday, July 8, 2010

XOXO-originally posted March 2010

Lately G has been doing some super cute and sweet stuff :)

At a doctor’s appointment they had this Sesame Street Big Book….one with Big Bird on the cover. G kept lying it on the ground and hugging Big Bird by laying her entire body on the book and tucking her fingers under the edges even though they were getting smashed in the process. Everyone in the waiting room just kept watching her and giggling. Yep an entire office of old folks and other adults, men included were giggling at my kid for being so effin adorable!

Then today at the North Market she was insistent on going over the the flower stand and smelling every single bloom that she could get her nose on. It was so sweet that the guy working there walked over to her and gave her a beautiful purple flower to keep. As she was walking around toting her bloom everyone was watching her as she’d take two or three steps, stop, and take a good long smell of her gift.

And then tonight she wanted to read her Dora Halloween book. Well we thought she wanted to read it but what she wanted to do was give Dora, the cat, and Diego hugs and kisses before she went to bed.

She may not be talking but boy oh boy is she finally expressing herself!

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