Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Things are moving...

We are waiting, not so patiently, for some updates on G's medical stuff...wishing and hoping and praying and planning is more like what's going on here. G and I are taking our sweet leisurely summer time and going to things like COSI's Farm Days with friends, visiting with and learning more about being gentle with two cute babies born within days of each other and living within blocks of us. We are savoring these last moments before G goes off to two pre-schools starting in September. We've made progress in our speech therapy as well as progress with things here at home. Tonight will be G's third night in her big girl bed and although it hasn't been an easy or smooth transition it had to happen. We were holding off as long as we could but after two silent escapes (she climbed out with not a single thud, quietly walked down the stairs, and peeked around the corner at us) from her crib in one day we gave in.

Here's to new piles of books from the library to read since the sun is just not setting soon enough these days and here's to fewer of these crazy hot days. And here's to you for reading.

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