Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gymboree=crying hysterically-originally posted Jan. 2010

As G begins the third hour of her nap I have a wee story to share. I've signed G up for a music class at Gymboree (yes I know ridiculously expensive) anyhoo she loves it. There are only 4-5 other children in this class all only about two months younger or one month older than G. The other children in this class are super sweet as are their moms and dads. I am impressed that this class isn't all upper middle class white folks as well. I'm sure they are all upper middle class but surprise surprise G is only one of two little white kids!!! Can you believe it because I can't! Our town in Ohio is really diverse and it's huge but it seems that we never do anything G related that has kids of other drives me nuts!

Wow totally off topic! Anyways so this entire week G has been sick. Sick enough that she and I literally haven't stepped foot out of the door until today, sick enough that when I went out to get the mail I did a little dance EVERYDAMNDAY, breathed deeply, and then shrunk back into the cave/pit of sick with my Jacko white mask on...THANK THE GODDESS that we got out today!!! Since I learned my lesson last week we arrived only about five minutes early so G was able to run around and play with some drums before the class actually got started but the minute another kid arrived BOOM she started shrieking, like I had paid for this to be a G only class. Every time another child, parent (including me), or the teacher wanted to give her anything or take anything from her she howled.

It was terrible and it just occurred to me that I'm too exhausted to write anymore but you get the point, right? Shrieking, sobbing, toddlers, mmmmm my favorite!

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