Thursday, July 8, 2010

*GULP* -originally published March 2010

Can it be that my wee one is nearly old enough to attend a sort of preschool?!?!? Can it be? I say sort of because the place isn’t exactly a preschool and it’s not exactly a daycare either, it’s more of a school type place that cares if that makes any sense. So G will be attending two preschools come this fall, one that is super popular in our city as well as another that will help her along the way with her speech delay. Today on our tour…I cried…not because I was sad but because I’ve been with her all day every day. And although occasionally I have to have a break or I will be breaking something within arms reach I still love having her with me. The idea that she will sit on someone else’s lap to read a book or that she will go to someone else when she needs a drink is so…ughhh I don’t even have a word for it. Of course I am happy that she isn’t one of those kids who is scared of everything, or the kind of kid who clings to your leg in any new situation. Of course I am proud that when we put her down in the classroom she went straight over and stole a snack ;) and that she showed no fear climbing up the slide. I was more heartbroken than she.

As we were getting a tour the woman was telling me how they do the separation thing…how sometimes it’s so hard. How they want you in the classroom for the first few days so the kid knows you’re there. How they then will move you right outside of the door so that your kid can come find you when they want to..I nearly laughed in her face. I wanted to say do you see what she’s doing? Has she looked back? My baby is now a brave and sweet girl. She no longer needs her mama’s lap for reading or her shirt to tug on for a drink.

At least she still likes to be rocked before nap and bedtime ;)

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