Thursday, July 8, 2010

Better Late Than Never

Age 2 by the numbers:

You’ve been with us for: 731 days or…

  • 63,158,400 seconds
  • 1,052,640 minutes
  • 17,544 hours
  • 104 weeks

Favorite books: 2
My First Farm, Let’s Get Working (which is now overdue at the library…and funny enough we have at our house both copies from our library because you just can’t be without one.)
Lift the Flap Animals

Pets you’ve seen come and go: 3
Charlotte who was mean to you was given away
Raven who was unbelievably sweet to you passed away
Jack who is now your all time favorite dog in the world

Teeth: a lot
Your doctor said your 2 year molars have already arrived

Bruises, scraps, and scratches: 6
2 bruises on your head
2 scratches on your back
1 scrap on your knee
1 scratch above your eye from Max

Naps taken during the day: 1
It can last up to two hours but typically only last about an hour and a few minutes

Minutes it takes us to get you to sleep each night:
5…easy peasy!

Baths: every other day but they last quite awhile since you love, love, love them!

Favorite things to do:
build with blocks here and at the library
point to things you want us to say the words for
walk inside when we’ve been gone for awhile and see the dog
stack everything in site
eat cookies
sign on and off for on and off and open and close

Things you are scared of:
The moose and zee commercials on Nick Jr.
Story Time, specifically the Three Bears story time on Nick Jr.

Your best friends:10
Mickey (this counts as two because you have a big and little one)
Minnie (this counts as two because you have a big and little one)
You pink elephant
Your bear from Grandma that sings

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